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scratchyournose's Journal

11 December 1984
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this is the auxilary journal for lovelikeadrug.

at present, it is only used to answer those stupid Writer's Block questions-of-the-day. and perhaps survey-memes. and so on. because i write too much as it is. and this may be a more appropriate outlet for rambling about things other than my daily life [school work music friends family mental health lovelife (or lack thereof) etc.] basically, i just want to see what i can do with prompts, other than just what comes out of my head, unchecked. we'll see how this goes.

also. it's mostly friends-only. because this is the stuff that no one really cares about. this is not the stuff that inspires "oh wow, i'm gonna write about this on lj!" that's for the other journal.